Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kansas State Fair

Hey everyone!
Me and my family and friends went to the Kansas State Fair this past week, And I wanted to tell you about it! Here it goes! It was rainy and cold in the morning when we got there.
But as usual that didn't stop us! We went inside the buildings and saw horses warming up for there shows. After that we went to the "Bunny Barn" as we like to call it, we even got to pet a rare rabbit! Then we went into the petting zoo and I think we got to feed all the animals except the one on a diet! And to make a long story short we went to the poultry barn, cattle barn, and 4-H building. We did all of this in about an hour and then we were quite hungry. We went and got fair food from the consessions (Which was amazingly amazing again this year). We walked around for a while (It had stopped raining by now) and saw a sign for Dr.Goddards lab from the Cosmosphere which is a lot of fun. It was about to start in 30 mins. so to pass the time we went to a gosple hand-painting station which I was glad we did because they gave us a great web-site to go to! If you want to try it out here's a link: anyway we relized time had passed a little to quickley! We had to almost run to catch the show! We got really good seats and got there almost early! Maybe I can find the pictures later!

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Teresa said...

I love your blog! I like all the pictures. Jarrett and I like to look at all the animal pictures. Jackson just wants to play with the computer. Love you. Teresa